Thank you
Dr. J,

Thank you for the X-ray images and the detail to help me see my images. I remember your explanation from our last visit, and am trying to understand what the images are showing. The time and care you have extended to both Chris and myself today has been so extraordinary.

We both thank you with the deepest grateful thoughts.

You are so important to us and you give of yourself to so many. I know you to be the true healer that I have the honor to know. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

We are also truly grateful for the care and concern we receive from Karin, Pat and that handsome Dr. Dimitry!

With love,


Great Teamwork

Dear Dr. Ediss,

Riley is starting physical therapy this week, and I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done to help him. It really means a lot to know that you truly care about him! It is obvious how knowledgeable you are and that you are passionate about your work. Thank you for taking the extra time to explain everything and for helping us discover what has been causing Riley's pain. We appreciate all your hard work and support.



Living an Active Lifestyle

Let me begin by stating if it was't for the exceptional knowledge, care and understanding, Dr. Ediss has, I would have been subjected to multiple major surgeries, which per several orthopedic surgeons, would have left me barely able to function.

I am more than thankful, every day, for Dr. Ediss' ability to deal with not just 'normal' folk, but also large and physically athletic individuals too. His full comprehension of kinesiology and sports injuries places him head and shoulders above the vast majority of chiropractors, or to us technical types 'Back-Crackers'.

I'm 6'4" and weigh 250 (granted not the solid 250 I once was) - I've done everything from boxing to rodeo, bouncer to paratrooper, construction to weightlifting, not to mention competitive mountain biking. With all of that in my resume, the worst injury I received was a simple fluke of making a sudden move to prevent a major situation from occurring that would hamper many. That 'reflex' move, without having proper footing, cause all the facet cartilage from my L2-L4 to get 'blown' out causing bone on bone (no cushion between vertebrae). Which, per surgeons, I'm one of those low percentage individuals if I opt for surgery, have a high percentage of coming out worse than when I went in. So my choice was to either "Live with the pain, or get carved on repeatedly and live with the lack of mobility and enhanced pain..." Then, the miracle and my good fortune, Dr. Ediss.

I can never say enough to praise Dr. Ediss for keeping me in alignment and functional. With all my injuries, the aforementioned lower back isn't the only one, just the worst. I have 13 of the 24 (C1-L5) vertebrae that are in various degrees of remembering the fun my life has enjoyed - I am at least able to function. Granted I won't be rodeoing, jumping out of planes, or running down any foe in the ring - but I am able to have life without repeated major surgeries and ONLY DUE TO THE FACT that one outstanding man decided to become not just a chiropractor, but an advanced and fully knowledgeable doctor of the 'science' of chiropractic medicine - Dr. John Ediss, I can never thank you enough.

Sincerely and with great admiration,

Mike J.

Relief From Migraines

Topamax, Imitrex, Phenergan, Vicodin, Darvocet, Soma, Robaxin, and more! These medications and their side effects were a daily regiment for me. My life was a nightmare of pain. All the doctors did was prescribe more drugs and still NO relief. The last 6 weeks were nothing but unrelenting pain. I was going down hill fast.

Then I went to Dr. Ediss. My first visit I was finally able to smile which brought tears to my family's eyes. By the second visit I was feeling like my old self and was not taking ANY medication.

Dr. Ediss has brought me back from over 2 years of migraines. He properly diagnosed me and dealt with the causes of my migraines. He did not just mask the pain like all the other doctors.

Dr. Ediss has given me back my life. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking relief. There are not any words to properly express the degree of thankfulness I have for Dr. Ediss.

Shannon S.

Recovery After Accident

My husband and I are both 57 years old. We were in the back seat of a vehicle which was stopped and was struck from behind by a pick-up traveling at approximately 55 MPH. The car in which we were traveling was smashed into the car in front of us and was totally destroyed. We were very fortunate to not be killed, but among our injuries was serious deep tissue and muscular injuries. The pain was so great, we had difficulty even sleeping or resting.

Several months after the accident, we were finally referred to Dr. Ediss. Neither my husband nor I had ever been treated by a chiropractor, let alone a kinesiologist. Dr. Ediss evaluated our conditions and started us on a treatment schedule which yielded immediate results. We had both been unable to turn our heads and we suffered neck, back and shoulder pain. Our treatment is midway, at this point. While we are not yet 100%, Dr. Ediss has given us relief and hope that we can someday regain our functionality.

If you have given up hope to live a life free of pain or if you have not found a treatment to relieve deep tissue or muscular pain, we highly recommend Dr. Ediss. He is a brilliant doctor with superior skills and sensitivity.

Kathy J.

Saved From More Surgeries

As a young man in the later part of 1972, I was shot down as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, breaking my lower back in two places. I was hospitalized for nearly a year. My condition slowly grew worse until 2008, when I was then advised to have back surgery, which I had and then multiple problems occurred. Due to the surgery, the pain became worse resulting in heavy medications of painkillers to the level of oxyicotin ( a synthetic heroin) with little or no pain relief. At this time, three epidermals were performed, two of which resulted in catastrophic failure requiring extended hospitalization with no result in relief of pain. The surgeons then pushed to continue with more back surgery, into which I declined.

At this point I decided to see my chiropractor, John J. Ediss, who I had not seen in quite a few years, rather than to opt for more surgeries. Within the first couple of weeks after seeing Dr. Ediss, pain relief was accomplished and within a short period all pain medication was discontinued. I believe Dr. Ediss's treatment has saved me from more back surgeries and the complete discontinuing of pain medications. I believe his treatment is better than any blade.

Larry R.

Pain Free

I have been using chiropractic services for over 40 years, yet, only one (1) treatment from John Ediss, D.C., and I feel better than I have in 30 years! It's true and believe me I have been through dozens of doctors. With other Providers I was sore for days after a treatment and the pain was back almost immediately. John measured me for a shoe lift on my first appointment to adjust the imbalance in my hips. I have one leg that is shorter than the other. It's been amazing! Two weeks later, after only one appointment and I still have no pain, and my hips remain in place. I used to wake up each night every time I rolled over in bed. I was afraid to ride my horses because I knew I would hurt so badly afterwards. There isn't an activity I avoid now and I couldn't be more thrilled to be more active and PAIN FREE! Don't waste a minute getting to the phone to make an appointment. Your prayers for pain relief will be answered like mine and it could be only one appointment away!

Nikki L., Phd

Great Doctor

Dr. John Ediss is a very kind man and someone who I trust. I do not believe you can say that about all doctors. I have learned to have Dr. Ediss treat me for most ailments before I go to another doctor. He is never in a rush to get through your appointment. He is always very thorough and I am never disappointed with the results of any treatment. He is always on time and his office staff is very efficient.

Ursula McManus
Gardnerville, Nevada

Greatful Appreciation

Dear Dr. Ediss,

How very fortunate I was to have my nephew refer me to you for my chiropractic care. You truly are a "cut above" any chiropractor I have ever seen. Your knowledge of your profession and non-painful treatments have endeared me to you. I have always felt comfortable with any of my health issues with you. You truly have an outstanding way of interacting with your patients and making them relax and be at peace. Karin, you have always made me feel welcome and comfortable. With grateful appreciation,